10 Colour Choices That Will Make Your Cafe Look Huge

Coffee culture in India is here to stay as it appeals to both the masses and classes. Like a typical Bollywood fare, cafés and bistros are going all out to make sure that they hit the right notes in making a blockbuster, which not only has a huge impact on its customers but also entices them to come back for more. And, a colour scheme for your café can well become the hero or villain of your dream project depending on which shade it displays.

The secret of a successful coffee shop interior design is a cohesive blend of space orientation, décor, and furniture that collaboratively translate the vision of its owner and finalizing the colours of your setup is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges. So, unless you’re an interior designer, it’s really difficult to envision how all of your design ideas will take shape in reality until they actually do—and colour mistakes can make or break the deal for you.

Colour therapy is used to treat patients too, so there is no doubt colours affect an individual psychologically and can profoundly influence the behaviour. Sprinteriors, always makes it a point to include the subtleties of colours in its modern cafe interior designs so that it not only adds aesthetic value to the space but also works subconsciously on the customers’ mood, appetite and spending power.

Studies have shown that different colours and their hues drive customer behavior by stimulating different emotions, which impact feelings of hunger, thirst and even space reception in customers. For example; warmer tones are said to energize the ambience and stimulate appetites, whereas cooler tones help relax and unwind.

So, do you want to know which colours will amplify your space, revenue and help you make a splash in the cafe interior design arena then read on, with a steaming cup of Joe!

  1. Red

You’ll get a unanimous vote that red increases your heart rate, blood pressure, and tendency to impulse eating. However, red can also get your customers feel irritated and claustrophobic. Red is said to do more towards stimulating the person and making the atmosphere vibrant and upbeat. So, if you want more footfall in your café, choose red for portions of your walls, décor or furniture.

2. Orange

This colour too belongs to the warmer tone family and gives the atmosphere a friendly vibe. It may not help make your coffee shop interiors look spacious on its own, but if used creatively with contrasting or cooler shades like white, it can do wonders for your ambience and your customers’ psyche. The best part is you can add orange even by including a fireplace in your modern cafe interior design that exudes warmth and a homely feeling.

3. Yellow

This fellow is third in the warmer shade category and gives a peppy feel to your surroundings. When teamed up with green, white or even red, it has shown to make the place vibrant and pleasant inviting customers to feel snug and balmy.

4. Green

Now, most of you would think that green only symbolizes nature and healthy living and may not appeal to a coffee enthusiast. However, that is the beauty of creativity where you merge colors with characteristic elements and lend it new meaning. So, when you complement green with brown or yellow, you invoke a sense of health, vibrancy, and sustainability. It also makes your surroundings look organic and natural hopefully allowing your customers to unwind and possibly stay longer for a refill of dessert and coffee.

5. Brown

Coffee comes in variant hues of brown and it does tickle your taste buds. Now, adapt that feeling to your cafeteria design and blend it with darker shades for an elegant experience or lighter tones for a spacious and roomy illusion. Browns go well with red, greens, white and other softer tinges.

6. White

You can’t really go wrong with white, except of course you mindlessly apply the colour to resemble a hospital. This colour lends serenity, calmness and makes the atmosphere of your café roomy and spacious. Also, a combination of white on one wall with a different colour on another wall can accentuate the effect of the other colour because white works well as a secondary or accent colour. People have used this combination for the interior of their restaurant design.

7. Purple

Purple is a quirky color to work with and can give your coffee shop a bohemian feel but you got to use it with caution because if you don’t know what you’re doing your place can end up looking dark, cramped and claustrophobic.

8. Light Gray

This light color scheme can be selectively used to make smaller spaces feel capacious. Combining it with darker or brighter shades offsets the loud palette and gives a balanced look to the décor.

9. Beige

Light colors such as beige or pale yellow emanate a relaxing and tranquilizing atmosphere, which makes them an excellent choice for bistros. So, if you aim to appease a selective clientele that are regulars and spend a considerable amount of time and money on your services, then these light color schemes can play to your strength.

10. Black

If you’re unconventional and open to experimenting then pitching black to your modern cafe interior design can break stereotypes. Black in conjunction with white can make your bistro look simple, elegant and sophisticated. Black also works well to make the other colours in your cafe stand out and look more vivacious.

Choosing a colour scheme for your coffee shop is very important because inevitably your shade card is going to affect your customers and ultimately you. So, you’d want to make sure your palette is eclectic, unique and works to give the kind of experience you want your customers to have in your cafe. Sprinterior’s Interior designers, with its dedicated team of experts has the expertise to improve your presence, make your cafe look spacious and increase customer footfall. So, grab your espresso and let’s get started.