6 Points to Remember While Designing a New Restaurant

So, you have conceptualized the best ideas to make your restaurant a resounding success and you’re all set to take the plunge, since you have the right location, the best recipes- the finger licking kind and a go-getter staff, which means you can’t go wrong. Uhh, this is where most restaurant owners can bite the dust; because, there are 2 critical elements that go in designing a restaurant- the concept and story behind the design and the operations of the restaurant. Both of these things go hand in hand and are fundamental to the success of a restaurant.

Here, we’re going to focus on the detail aspects of your interior designing and the 6 vital things you need to tick off your checklist to ensure that they are not overlooked whilst designing your place.

So, first you confirm the theme of your restaurant, whether it’s going to be a fine-dining restaurant or a more casual, quick service eatery, because each process needs to be considered minutely so that your venture fires on all cylinders. Moreover, regardless of whether you offer the best gourmet on earth, if the interior design plan of your eatery doesn’t match your theme, or enhance your visitors’ dining experience, they’re probably never returning or endorsing your restaurant further. So, we’ve listed the 6 most important aspects to focus in restaurant interior design to save money, increase your revenue and keep your guests coming back for more.
This only means that the difference in surviving in the business lies in your restaurant’s ability to attract a steady stream of patrons and beat the lull that most restaurants face at different points in their course.

1. Lighting

Your place needs to be well –lit, bright, and attractive enticing passer-bys and at the same time, not be overbearing to make guests feel uncomfortable. The lighting should blend with the décor and enhance the theme, hide flaws, as well as suit the time of day.

Psychologically, warm lighting extends a cozy, comfortable feeling along with making your guest feel ready to eat and indulge in their favorite meals.

2. Color

This seemingly basic element is actually a very big game changer. There are many theories out there which emphasize on the impact different colors have on your mind, emotions, being, etc. In the restaurant industry, color plays a dominant role in driving customer behavior. The most popular examples being McDonald’s and KFC; their logo, décor, cutlery, and uniforms all include hues of red since it has been scientifically proven that red whets our appetites. On the other hand, blue slows our metabolism. Therefore, color is a critical factor to consider when you’re finalizing the color scheme for your restaurant’s interior and exterior design.

3. Space management

Optimum management of space is paramount in improving customers’ experience and influencing purchasing decisions. The easier it is to maneuver the dining area, better are your chances of making your customers’ happy. Easy access to the kitchen makes order delivery more efficient. Though, the kitchen is where the action is, so to keep it extremely close to the dining area is not wise either.

Also, another neat strategy is to set up certain accessorized food products like sweets, cakes, drinks, etc in those areas of our restaurant that are, on average, more visible to the customers; as this may increase the chances of them being purchased while they wait for their order to arrive than to keep them stocked out of customer’s sight.

4. Furniture

From the shape, size and mushiness of your chairs to the exact shade and texture of the wallpaper, everything should be synchronized to present a complete picture and make the customer feel concomitant with the surroundings. Since, psychologists state that when a person feels comfortable and at ease in his or her surroundings, the person tends to be more carefree and buoyant and it’s no rocket science that the more comfortable your customers get, the more inclined they will be to spend time in your restaurant and this could translate in them spending more money to avail the services offered.

5. Ventilation

Can you imagine enjoying yourself in a stuffy, stifling, and stagnated atmosphere? Of course not! Similarly, nothing can turn a customer away more quickly than a restaurant that lacks proper ventilation, air conditioning, and an airy atmosphere. Needless to say, we also don’t want the customer to feel they are in Iceland. Good air conditioning is vital to the success of any restaurant design and installing proper vents and ducts that conduct airflow seamlessly will make the place feel lively, effervescent and unconstrained.

5. Smell

Our olfactory mechanism aka nose is a very sensitive organ and very receptive to different types of smell. In fact, research conducted by Nobel Peace Prize winners Richard Axel and Linda Buck showed that our sense of smell is popularly considered to be our “most emotional” sense. The reason being is rather than analyzing the information we receive from a particular scent, we immediately relate it to something, when we come across a distinctive smell. A crazy fact trivia states that human beings can remember around 10,000 different odors that can potentially trigger important memories, which may take us all the way back to our childhood. There is a whole thriving industry out there that deals with the science of smell-aromatherapy and many scientists do agree that scents, smells, aromas, etc can have a distinguishing impact on one’s being. Infusing your place with a characteristically pleasant smell can not only do wonders for your ambience, but also become your unique selling point and lure more customers to your haven. So, never take your nose for granted.

Restaurants are no longer mere places to eat. They have transformed into mini townships that enclose a whole world into it and have become a force to reckon with. The eatery business is fiercely competitive as you need to coax clients to not only eat but also appreciate your place and endorse it to others. Because, if you don’t appeal to your target audience, odds are that you may not survive the hustle and bustle of your dream project.

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