7 Premium Cafe/Coffee Shops who Preferred Interior More Than Anything

Cafés offering a cup of Joe and some edibles is so prehistoric nowadays; coffee shops have evolved and how. Owners no longer want to stick to conventional culinary trends like Indo-Chinese-Thai- Continental joints or yet another run off the mill Italian eatery, they are toying with concepts, ideas and themes that resonate with their philosophies and their spaces are increasingly reflecting ideologies that are close to their hearts.

So, coffee shops are now being designed to project a definitive cause and the décor, menu and additional facilities are being thoughtfully planned to emulate that. Today, we bring you a list of such 7 premium cafes that have gone the extra mile to tell their story with exclusive and innovative interiors and have come out with flying colors.

  • Ciclo Cafe, Chennai

If you are an environmentalist, then this café in Chennai is surely going to pique your interest. But, even if you’re not, the innovativeness of this place is sure going to blow you away. Staying true to its cycle theme, machine and its parts have been used in every possible way. You’ll see cleverly done up attractive interiors with snug little nooks all using cycle parts. So, chandeliers, lamps, table legs, seats and even the clock have been modeled with cycle accessories. They’ll also wash your bicycle if that’s what you’ve come on whilst you enjoy what they have raked up on their menu card.

  • Prithvi café

The ones who’ve deliberately or chanced upon this place in Juhu- Mumbai, call it a dine-out discovery. The café interiors are authentic, cozy, and radiate a homely aura. The outdoor seating is vibrant and allows you to dine under the trees, close to nature. So, if you want to make the most of a romantic evening and want the ambience to create the mood, this is one of the best places to head to with your beloved.

  • Garde Manger Cafe, Vile Parle East

This lovely café ensconced in a busy area of Vile Parle is just the place that you can head to unwind and hang out with your friends and loved ones. The café décor is elegant, beautiful with a green forest / garden theme around its walls; also, wooden benches and tables add to the ambience.  Touted as one of the most happening coffee shops in Mumbai, this place basks in the glory of positivity and liveliness.

  • Hoppipola

This is one eatery that is going to bring the child in you to the fore. Located in Bengaluru, Pune, and Mumbai, Hoppipola has been designed with interiors that revive your childhood doodling days with chalkboard like tables and playing games of Uno, Connect 4, Taboo, or Jenga with your friends. The interiors have been kept simplistic but are quirky enough to evoke a sense of vibrancy, fun, and playfulness.

  • Mrs. Magpie

This café in Kolkata is on ode to fairytales; from the outside, it looks smart and chic; however, from the inside, it’s like walking into a dollhouse. It kind of looks like a cusp between a cutesy café meets pastry shop with dainty vintage décor, brightly colored rooms filled with cute knick-knacks, all which adds to creating a Alice in Wonderland kind of moment.

  • Central Perk 7, Kharghar

If you’re a fan of the sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S, then you’re definitely going to like this café, whose décor is largely based around this show. They also have a separate smoking area, free wi-fi, and a lively ambience. To add to the décor, they also have an entire wall dedicated to collages that give a unique friendly vibe to the place. Additionally, the designers have used some interesting color combinations that makes the ambience even more exciting.

  • Tea trails, Chennai

Tea trails has quite a presence in India. There are several outlets in various cities because tell me, who doesn’t like a hot piping cup of tea. This café located in Chennai is one of those places that exude a quaint, cozy, and a comfortable homely vibe. The interiors are an eclectic combination of traditional and modern elements and the overall design is not just stylish but also sustainable.
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