8 Best Decoration Ideas by Designers for the Coming New Year

So, the New Year is just around the corner and as you take stock of 2018 and prepare to bid it goodbye with all its good and not-so-good memories; you’ll also want to gear up to welcome the coming year and the best way to approach it is to welcome it grandly with your friends and loved ones.

And, of course to ring in the New Year right is by celebrating the event with panache and style. Regardless of whether you’re hosting a small intimate affair, a wacky riot with partners in crime or a sophisticated soiree, a New Year’s party deserves a little bit of glamour, glitz and a whole lot of merrymaking and revelry.

To make your party pop, we’ve compiled a list of 8 dazzling decoration ideas for restaurant design and can also be applied on other commercial interiors that will add just the right kind of oomph to your New Year’s bash without burning a hole in your pocket and still make it the best celebration of the year.

So Dive Right in …

1. Balloons Balloons Every Where…

This is a childhood fetish and no celebration is complete without lots of balloons thrown in for good measure. So, use them creatively; balloon ceilings are magical and give quite an ethereal feel to the place. Have them float up to the ceilings and anchor them with trinkets, knick knacks that could be notes to your guests, pictures of your attendees, or anything else that catches your fancy. You could also just have them strewn all over the place or position them strategically on the walls to blend in with the décor.

2. Let There be Light

Lighting up your den can do wonders for the ambience and set the tone for your party. So, you can choose from soft and warm to jarring and wild. And, you don’t have to splurge specifically on buying lights; you may reuse your Christmas lighting décor or just use some witty improvisations and transform boring LED lights into hues of different colors.

3. Aromaticize Your Place

Simply put, you can use flowers, aroma candles, or plain essential oils emanating from a diffuser to enhance the sensory appeal of your lair. Trust me; your guests will be sniffing happy. Moreover, candles give light too and can make for absolutely great interior design decoration, so you can play around with their shapes, colours, etc to enhance the festivity atmosphere of your party.

4. Set up a Selfie Point

With everything being set up to be picture perfect, make a special corner with the best lighting and backdrop to prop up a photo booth that will have your guests make timeless memories to cherish later. Your booth can be a standalone corner or an extension of your New Year’s décor.

5. Dress up your Silverware

To make your everyday dinnerware shine and sparkle, add bowties to your glasses or spruce the cutlery with streamers, flowers, or tree trimmings. Even adding a bling tablecloth can add glamour and a tone of festivity to your décor.

6. Add Shimmering Streamers

You can make cascading streamers in any shape and color because they make for great décor to don your walls, ceilings, or centerpieces. You can mix an assortment of shapes, colors, or go monochromatic, the choices are endless.

7. Personalize Your New Year’s Stationery

All you need is a rubber stamp and an ink pad to customize stationery-store staples for your New Year’s party. You can get a variety of stamps in many styles and sizes, as well as ink pads with special ink that can be used on almost any surface. Use them to decorate balloons, paper napkins, hats, and other items. This can also serve as memorabilia.

8. Drape your Floors

Decorations don’t have to be limited to the ceilings, walls, doors, and windows. You can rev up your party with some quirky floor designs, carpets or light illusions that can transform the looks of your floor and get the party rolling.

New Year’s is a once a year affair and is for some, a much deserved reason to let their hair down. However, keeping it simple, elegant and clutter free will also ensure that not only do you have a frolicking time at your party but you also don’t have loads of cleaning up to do later, which may bog you down in the new year. So have a great time and a Happy New Year.

May 2019 bring all of us better fortunes.

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