8 Tips to Focus On Eco-Friendly Hotel Interior

There is a definite shift in the way travelers are scaling up to decide where they want to be put up when they are on their business trip, family excursion or any other reason to book a room in a hotel. And, one of them is how environmental friendly the hotel of their choice is?

So, tenantability in an ecological habitat in the hospitality industry has become an increasingly important issue for today’s environmentally aware tourists.

We, at Sprinteriors are nature loving too and know that agonizing Mother Nature is perilous; thus our designs reflect our solidarity towards our environment without compromising on our clients’ customer experience.

Our sustainable interior designs aim to potentiate nature’s resources whilst minimizing any negative impact on the environment.

So, here we’ve listed the top 7 tips that we imbibe in our designs so that our clients can put their best green foot forward and show their guests that they are committed to making an eco-friendly environment too.

1. We choose eco-friendly materials

A lot of toxic chemicals are used in making furniture to treat fabrics, wood and other building material. Of course, these chemicals are later released into the environment, creating a toxic atmosphere with multiple health implications. So, we make sure, that our fittings are made up of:

  • Organic fabrics
  • Recycled wood, metal, plastic
  • Bamboo
  • Untreated wood
  • Reclaimed materials
  • Environmental friendly adhesives

2. Our Ventilation Appendages are Eco-friendly and are Optimized for Efficient Energy Consumption

Hotels need hot running water and the energy consumed in these heating energy equipments makes a huge contribution to a hotel’s carbon footprint. In addition to heating, there is air conditioning and refrigeration, and keeping a constant comfortable temperature throughout the building etc, which also add up cumulatively. We make sure our designs are ergonomic and efficient, so that they not only maximize the use of natural resources but also help regulate energy expenditure. To illustrate, we install energy efficient windows that improve air quality as well as provide insulation. Characteristic shapes such as U-value windows avoid heat gain and prevent heat from escaping and also add an aesthetic touch to the design of the hotel.

Wood being a bad conductor of heat helps to keep the temperature down, so our designs include a lot of bamboo, recycled wood, and sustainable wood for flooring materials.

3. We use Organic Varnishes and Paint That Leave Minimal Residue

Paints and finishes are essentially refined chemicals and can also be extremely toxic. Paints that contain high levels of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) have been shown to damage the eyes, lungs, brain, and even the cognitive and reproductive systems.
So, we make sure that we choose sustainable paints and finishes with minimal VOCs to improve the air quality, comfort, and health of hotel guests.

4. Our light fittings optimize cost and energy consumption

Most hotel corridors, lobbies and other public frequented areas have lights that are often left on even when there are no guests in those areas. We install occupancy sensors, which are a cost-effective and simple way to ensure that lights are only switched on when they are needed – a very visible way to show your guests that energy efficiency matters to you. Also, LED lighting helps in reducing energy expenditure and is a viable option to be taken advantage of.

5. Our Interior Designs are Conceptualized With Energy Efficiency at its Core

We use the most environmentally friendly products and materials, whether it is décor such as curtains that shield the room from cold breezes or scorching sun rays such as thermal curtains, interlinings and linings, heavy, quilted and/or tightly woven curtain fabrics; adjustable shutters and blinds that reflect the heat and also protect against the sun, reducing the need for air-conditioning; low-energy consuming lighting systems; walls painted in lighter hues that optimize natural daylight and reflect heat from other objects or wall insulations that thermo-regulate heat. Although, at the outset these fitting may cause more, but are more value for money in the long haul apart from giving you brownie points that endear you to your eco- conscious customers.

6. Bathroom Fittings and Designs Help Conserve Energy and Water

There are several options to spruce up your bathroom and make it green like using eco-friendly towels made of organic fabrics or bamboo to recycled-plastic shower curtains and shower tiles created from 100% recycled glass. We make sure that everything we use from the water faucets, tiles, lightings to the floorings leave minimal carbon footprint, and are easier to process and maintain.

7. Our Flooring Material is Sustainable, Durable, and Environment Loving

When we set out to design a place, we opt for materials that come from endurable sources and we avoid harsh chemicals in the production process as well. We use biodegradable materials such as cork, linoleum and wood as well as products with minimal chemical treatments in their finishing.

So, keeping in line with the latest innovative technology solutions, we create spaces that can work to increase energy efficiency, cut down on material waste and even increase profits for our clients

Sprinteriors has been in the hotel interior design market for 15+ years and our clientele trust our expert team of astute designers that work synergistically to materialize our clients’ visions as well as do our bit towards Mother Nature. So, if our next project is green, do connect with us at www.sprinteriors.com so that we can serve you with the best that is in there in the market.