7 Top Hotel Design Concepts to be Followed in 2019

In today’s social media frenzy world, it’s very easy to make or
break your business. Because, nowadays customers make sure they get a preview of the place they intend to stay before making any bookings and thus today’s hoteliers are under greater pressure than ever.

Now, it’s no longer about being a step ahead of your local competitors, it’s all about being the best out there because a dedicated traveler is leaving no stone unturned to experience the best and is ready to go the extra mile to have a one in a lifetime experience.

So, to make sure you’re at the top of your game, we, at Sprinteriors help your hotel stand out by making it a unique lifestyle destination by implementing the best conceptual designs to give it an unfair advantage. Moreover, a thorough plan in designing your hotel is extremely vital because a great concept will make way for:

  • Premium pricing in line with competitors’ similar products
  • Enhanced communication and generation of media visibility
  • Interest generation in investors and partners
  • Linear growth through franchising or licensing

A hotel concept is not limited to great service, great value for money or interiors alone. It is an amalgamation of excellent product, smooth operation, seamless distribution, and an effervescent projection through great designs and approaches.

Therefore, regardless of whether you’re running a small boutique hotel or managing a fleet, you will definitely benefit from our expertise in hotel concept development.

Let’s discuss what elements go into formulating an innovative hotel design concept

1. Advanced Technology

It’s no longer okay to just have wi-fi facilities in your premises, guests nowadays want hi-speed internet access and in each area of the hotel. Although, this is a costly proposition for hotels, this is one of the best crowd pullers out there. So hotel owners have no choice but to upgrade and throw in some other value added services such allowing guests easy connections of their personal devices to TV screens and other hotel devices.

2. Real Experiences

Guests are no longer satisfied with customary sightseeing or visiting major attractions; that is now passé. It’s all about being unique, exclusive, exhilarating, and insta-worthy. So, vying hotels are now coming up with trends that allow customers to choose from a consortium of activities that could include safaris, cruises, snorkeling, exploring a heritage site or a shipwreck, skiing, indulging in water sports, etc. Some hotels offer tours that showcase the lifestyles of the locals; so that customers can have a culturally immersive experience.

3. Make it Your Home Away From Home

Hoteliers want their customers to experience comfort, coziness, luxury, etc. So, everything from the rooms, to the dining area and lobbies are now being designed to imbibe the home away from home feeling. For example, lobbies are now being conceptualized to look more inviting and warm emanating a living room kind of feel as opposed to a cold business like orientation. A 2018 trend that is a rage even in the New Year, is the rearrangement of the front desks with more comfortable concierge desks and sofa check-ins where the customers can comfortably go through their bookings with the staff whilst sipping on refreshments.

4. Embrace the Environment

Most hotels are adopting the idea of being environmentally conscientious by pruning wastage and conserving resources whereas others are giving energy conservation and sustainability a whole new meaning in the New Year. This means, we will see more of organic and eco-friendly themes that not only connect the customers to nature but also promote locally manufactured items using natural resources such as recycled wood, organic materials, handcrafted items and repurposed furniture.

5. Adaptability

Hotel spaces are used for various reasons ranging from meetings, conferences, conventions, weddings, ball room parties etc. Many hotels rake in a lot of revenue through these events and so optimum utilization of space is paramount. Moreover, each event is unique and requires different infrastructure or arrangement of available décor. So, in order to accommodate different functions, the designs have to be versatile, flexible, and adaptable. Thus, everything used in these spaces – furniture, audiovisual equipment, walls, and dividers—should be modular or substitutable in order to derive maximum benefit.

6. Integrative Healthy Living

Whether they are frequent travelers or vacationers, everyone is riding high on the health trend and wants to look fit and healthy. In fact, the wellness hospitality sector is gaining so much importance that it is forcing hotels to reorganize both their exterior and interior designs. There is an increasing demand for upgraded gyms, health spas, retreat areas, air and water purification systems, in-room exercise zones and equipment, and other special functional machinery to accommodate the preferences of the health-conscious guests.

7. Incorporation of a Sensory and Dynamic Environment

The latest trend seen in interior designing nowadays is the incorporation of smart materials that are sensory receptive and which respond to changes in lighting, temperature and electrical fields by altering their form, texture and color. This keeps the ambience ever-changing and lively, guaranteed to make a lasting impact in the guests’ memories. There are several ways designers can employ these dynamic applications to get wallpapers to change colors or patterns subject to light, temperature or time of day, blinds that close and open depending on the temperature and position of the sun, furniture that can power appliances, walls that modulate the temperature of the room, etc.

With advancement in technology, booming creativity and cut throat competition, 2019 is going to see many conceptual hotels go all out to make a significant impact in creating unique, authentic and memorable 

And to help you gain a footing in implementing these vivacious concepts, Sprinteriors has a team of dedicated experts that will help you from the conception to the realization of your project. We have over 15 years of experience in designing exteriors and interiors of restaurants and other commercial areas for our clients in the hospitality industry and we’re known for our dedication, passion and zeal in delivering the best in the market. We’re just a click away at www.sprinteriors.com and would be glad to get you sizzling for the year 2019.