Restaurant Interior Design – 7 Things To Consider When Designing One.

Restaurants are an integral part of our lives these days. Now more than ever is the perfect  time to invest in the restaurant business to establish a successful future for yourself. If the  restaurant is well designed and provides delicious food, people are bound to flock in and  make it a success.

However, you need to have a perfect business plan to run your restaurant and interior  design is the prime factor to be pondered over while planning the restaurant business. The  interior design of your restaurant has a direct impact on your profit margins since it not  only attracts customers but also increases operational efficiency for your staff. 

Here’s a list of 7 things that you should absolutely consider while planning your restaurant  interior design-

  • Concept and menu
  • Location and budget
  • Layout and aesthetics
  • Safety and guidelines
  • Occupancy and hours
  • Kitchen and storage
  • Rest rooms

Concept and menu

Your restaurant concept must be carefully planned and researched before you launch it. Concept shapes the whole look, feel and functionality of your restaurant. Your concept  should include what you plan to serve, how much money you plan to invest, and what are  the desired outcomes you want to achieve. 

Menu is a big consideration when you’re planning to open a restaurant. Study the food  trends, and if they line up with your restaurant’s concept, you should consider them for your menu. The affordability of the menu has a large part to play in the prosperity of the  restaurant.

Location and budget

Wherever you decide to set up the restaurant, you should make sure that it should be  visible. Visibility plays a prominent role in the amount of sales. Your visibility, accessibility  and the location of the parking lot should be considered before finalising a location. Site  specifications like electricity, water supply, utilities, air-conditioning, etc. should be weighed  beforehand.

The affordability of the space, rent, maintenance charges, real estate trends, and all other  monetary aspects should be analysed and planned based on long term or short term  investment. Budget also affects the kind of interiors that you wish to have for your  restaurant. It is best to approach restaurant interior designers in Mumbai to work out a plan  for you that fulfils your requirements as well as fits your budget.

Layout and aesthetics

Once you finalise on your concept, location and budget, next step is planning the layout of  your restaurant. To plan the layout and interiors, it is really important to bring aboard the  interior designers who will help you bring your dream project to life while also taking care  of the technical aspects as well as aesthetics.

Aesthetics are the first thing that attract the customers into your restaurant. The aesthetics  include acquiring a functional layout, choosing the right colour palette, lighting up the  space precisely, picking suitably crafted furniture, curating unique decor and display,  constructing desirable architectural acoustics, and a lot of miscellaneous aspects that don’t  directly meet the eye but contribute in making a design efficient like zoning, air  conditioning, aroma, music, etc.

Safety and guidelines

Different places have different guidelines for construction as well as safety which need to  be followed for safety of your staff and customers as well as for the smooth functioning of  the restaurant. These guidelines may include fire safety norms, design incorporations for  differently abled people, kitchen safety for your staff, etc.

Before you can open the doors to your restaurant, you need to make sure you apply for  the proper licenses and permits. There may be several inspections you must pass before  you can begin operation. Reach out to your city government to find out what you need for  your restaurant. You also need to consider state and federal requirements, so do your  homework long before you set a date for your grand opening.

Occupancy and hours

You should plan beforehand how many customers you want to host at a time. Certain  places even have guidelines for the number of customers you can host at a place at any  point of time which is based on fire safety norms, hygiene or anthropometry. Your concept  may also affect your occupancy, for example, a fine dining restaurant will have less  occupancy as compared to a fast casual restaurant or quick service restaurant.  Moreover, the hours of service of your restaurant also plays a role in the interior design of  your restaurant. The colour palette, the lighting, the glazing, it all depends upon what  hours of the day will your restaurant be operational.

Kitchen and storage

The design of your kitchen heavily depends upon your concept and menu. That is why, it is  advisable to decide your menu before planning the interior design, so that it becomes easy  to plan back-of-the-house details as well as figure out the equipment required for your  kitchen or front-of-the-house.

While locating and designing your kitchen, you should consider where your water, gas and  electricity supply is adequate, where to locate your storage area and the entry and exit to it,  loading and unloading area, wastage area, etc.

Rest rooms

The number of restrooms should be decided based on the occupancy of your restaurant or  the local regulations. Rest rooms may not sound so important, but they have the ability to  thrive or tank your business because hygiene is one of the most important factors that  attracts or repels the customers.

Also, the thoughtfulness and dedication of the owner and interior designer can easily be  seen in spaces like restrooms and kitchen, because it adds to the overall functionality of  the restaurant and experience of every single person that enters the restaurant.


Hopefully this list will be helpful to you in bringing your dream restaurant to life and in full  swing. Never forget that professionals can always do a better job at helping you establish  your business and succeed at it. Therefore, you should always consider taking help from 

restaurant interior designers in Mumbai to design and execute the plan of your restaurant.  They know how important your business is for you and they do their job pretty well.