Top 5 Styles of Furniture You Can Apply In Your Coffee Shop

Café shops are no longer places where people enter only to enjoy their cups of joe. These unassuming java shops have turned into a melting pot of style, comfort, functionality and spaces that have character and uniqueness that they have imbibed to set them apart from their stiff competitive contemporaries.

A lot goes into creating a successful coffee shop and apart from the food, beverage, and miscellaneous services offered; the most important aspect that can help you stand out is the way you have fostered your café theme.

Your signature coffee shop interior designing is either going to make you the talk of the town or get you tagged as another run off the mill cafe that sprang up at the next available nook and corner of the city.

So, if you’re intending to join the café bandwagon or remodel you existing coffee shop, go through our-Sprinteriors coffee shop furniture guide to learn the ropes of the best, timeless, space optimizing, and functional furniture types that you could incorporate to suit your café concept and turn your business around. We, as established experts in this field are always available to give you the support that you might need in finalizing the best café design for your groove.

Obviously, the style of furniture that you’d want will solely depend on the type of café you have or want to create, however, we have an exhaustive range that can be customized or tweaked further to suit your preferences. We’re just a call away to discuss your options.

Café furniture is not just a serviceable entity – your furniture preferences will project the kind of café or coffee shop you are running, help you loom over your competition and work to enforce your brand and styling. We’ve listed the 5 most popular café furniture styles for you to pick the one that suits you the best.

So, What’s Your Coffee Shop’s Interior Design Vibe?

1. Comfy, Cozy Furniture

Does your café invite lingering customers or is it built to usher in and hustle your customers out. Your furniture embodies the ambience of your café and dictates that to your customers. Standard tables and high stool chairs indicate you order your coffee, sit while it’s brewed and you are free to take it on the go. Meanwhile, comfortable couches are inviting and create a more relaxing aura enticing your customers to stay for a while, relax and perhaps enjoy another cup.

2. Trendy and Hipster Furniture

Here trendy does not indicate what is currently in vogue because that is not always going to remain in the running. If your café décor is more free spirited and has a bohemian feel then the furniture style that you opt for should be cool, quirky and wacky. Raw wood surfaces, asymmetrical chairs and tables, chalkboard menus, suspended filament bulbs, etc are some elements you can add to your coffee shop interior designs.

3. Traditional Furniture

If your coffee shop resonates to a conventional, customary feel and caters to a predominantly mature, sedate, and conservative clientele, then perhaps your best bet is to invest in traditional upholstered chairs and rock sturdy tables that are made by old-world craftsmanship, with hand-carved dark wood both elaborate and formal in setting rather than benches or swings, which may make your customers a tad uncomfortable. There are numerous styles characteristic to the eras they were made in and we at Sprinteriors can help you choose the best furniture style that matches your cafe interior design.

4. Smart and Functional Furniture

If your café is more mainstream and has a corporate feel, then your furniture style should echo the sentiment of your café’s concept. Of course, your clientele will presumably be the busy bees who are in to grab a quick beverage or snack during their break or have dropped in for their caffeine refill after a hard day’s work; so, obviously, your tables will be smaller and your chairs and stools more lightweight and polished focusing more on adaptability and utility rather than comfort, style and charisma.

5. Bespoke Furniture

Some coffee shops are total reflections of their owners’ personalities. They don’t conform to any particular atmosphere and are completely an extension of their owners’ taste. So, here you’d probably find an assortment of diverse types of furniture and this too can be a real smash hit if it is done with real care and affection.

So, ultimately, the furniture style that you adapt in your coffee shop is going to be based on your café theme, location and demographics. However, needless to say that decorating your cafe appropriately will help you provide a memorable experience to your customers and increase the revenue of your business – and make it more than just the products you serve. To make your café furniture chic, customer friendly, durable, long lasting and fashionable, reach out to us at Sprinteriors, since we have a dedicated team of experts that have helped a number of clients in the hospitality industry improve their presence and increase customer footfall. For more information on interior design, contact us today!

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