What are the current trends that I should follow in order to have the best interior for my restaurant?

Restaurants are one of the most fulfilling businesses both in terms of finance as well as community building. A little thought while planning and designing a restaurant can go a long way in making it a success. If you aspire to own a restaurant, it’s important that you think through each and every aspect of it.

Restaurants thrive not just on good food but also on appealing interiors and warm treatment towards their guests. Appropriate interiors help fostering the restaurant business in unimaginable ways. As the world is getting more and more puzzled, the need to build soothing and comfortable spaces is increasing by the day. Restaurants top the list of places people look for to find peace and exhilaration in their otherwise mundane chaotic lives.

Here’s a list of determinants that will pave the way for a flourishing restaurant:

  • Keep it classic
  • Bring cosy and rustic back
  • Go sustainable
  • Recycle and upcycle
  • Support local
  • Prioritize health and hygiene
  • Hire a professional

Keep it classic

The foremost thing to keep in mind is the fact that trends and fads come and go. Trends are generally associated with a particular age-group, and not everybody can relate to them. To thrive in the business, the key is to remain consistent and classic.

It’s always a better idea to design the interiors in such a way that they appeal to most of the masses and remain relevant for a long time to come. The hype around trends has a short lifespan, while a classic restaurant with attentive services will always have the clientele coming back to it. When aiming for a long run, simple and classic interiors are the best choice to make.

Nothing compares to the warm and welcoming aura of the space, since people are always looking to take a break from their fast-paced lives and live a few moments of tranquillity. Pleasant ambience combined with appetizing food is what makes the customers come back for more.

Keeping the decor rustic is another great idea because in the brick and mortar towns that we live in, a little touch of wood and nature calms the souls. Cosy and rustic interiors are bound to make people spend more time in the restaurant and ultimately add to the fluent growth of the business.

It is simply about making diners feel like they’re at their home away from home, and it allows the restaurant to take it’s desired ambience to the next level.

Go sustainable

Sustainability for restaurants means operating in a way that protects, preserves or restores the natural environment, promotes social equity, enhances the lives of people and communities while also contributing to economic prosperity of the restaurants.

In a heavy energy consuming business like restaurant that uses a lot of water, electricity and other resources and leaves a lot of carbon footprint, the need of the hour is to understand the necessity to preserve our resources and work towards building a sustainable future. Using eco-friendly products is one of the ways to contribute to sustainability.

Sustainability is not just important on a grand level but also on miniscule levels and can actually help save a lot of surplus expenditure.

Recycle and upcycle

A lot of waste is generated every single day around the world. A lot of which can be put to good use while designing the interior of a restaurant.

Right from the construction material, for example, salvage from dismantled sites, broken crockery, etc. to discarded trucks and shipment containers, to decorative pieces, there can be found a lot of amazing stuff that can be used to enhance the overall experience and provide a unique identity to the restaurant.

Recycling and upcycling can be interesting as well as quite cost effective. It’s a great way to reduce consumption and wastage. It is the first step towards sustainability and helps reducing the carbon footprint.

Support local

Reach out to local help while designing your restaurant interiors. Featuring different artists from time to time can get you a rotating collection of exquisite decor and local artists can get their work seen and potentially sold. It’s a great way to nurture better community relationships.

The prime purpose of restaurants is to serve good food, and restaurant kitchens require a large variety of ingredients to prepare meals which can be bought from local organic farmers to keep the food healthy as well as help them grow their business. Farm-to-table menu can be incorporated in the service. Since more and more people are getting diet conscious, it is a chance for local farmers to provide their products and get a good return as well.

Local artisans can be hired to work on the theme as well as the construction of your restaurant, because that adds a personal and homely touch to the whole atmosphere of the space and also makes the restaurant stand out.

Prioritize health and hygiene

Although, the health and hygiene of a restaurant should always be a top priority, according to the current state of affairs, this particular factor becomes much more important. People are getting aware of the importance of good health and hygiene.

Firstly, the functional planning of the restaurant comes into picture, where well-defined areas can be designed to separate various activities according to utility. Standard construction norms should be followed which include anthropometry to provide enough spaces and maintain necessary distance.

The kitchen and pre-prep areas should be cleaned and checked regularly. To build trustworthy relationships with the clientele, there can be open kitchens or a mini-screen that shows the kitchen routine.

Hire a professional

As attractive as it may seem, interior designing is a meticulous task. You should not compromise with the interior planning of your restaurant, since interiors are what catch peoples’ eyes at the first place.

However, interior designing is not limited to just show biz. It includes scientific and psychological approach towards making a space alluring as well as functional while paying utmost attention to the comfort and well-being of anyone who comes in through the door.


We are currently living in challenging times and the times to come will need utmost care to make the world a better place. We as the intellectual beings have the responsibility to not forget in our quest for trends and comfort the fact that the Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth. Now more than ever is the time to foster our surroundings and community because there is no plan B. What better way to do that than running a successful restaurant business that leaves less carbon footprint and more delicious happiness!