What to Expect When You Hire a Restaurant Interior Designer to Re-Decorate Your Restaurant

Finalizing the venue, menu and other important aspects before setting up a restaurant are critical and most entrepreneurs do their homework well enough to establish their mark in the F&B industry. However, where most restaurant owners compete with their contemporaries for location, prices and promotions, very few capitalize on making their interiors a winning slogan for their restaurant. 

Let’s get one thing right straightaway, people enjoy food even on the roadside, but when they decide to dine at a specific space, it’s no longer only about the food. Customers frequent a place to enjoy the ambience and have an experience. Customer behavior research has indicated that a restaurant‘s interior design does impact customer psychology, influences the duration of their stay and prompts them to order more or less in that restaurant.  And here is where professional interior designers such as Sprinteriors can make all the difference, because you’re not only selling food – you’re actually selling an experience. 

A restaurant interior designer will help you design, manage and oversee  that part of your business which will augment your worth and make your business a thriving melting pot of good ambience, smart marketing, and exceptional hospitality services – all without you having to overspend.

However, is Hiring a Professional Interior Designer Necessary?

It’s as simple as the writing on the wall, if you want your place to depict class, modernity and be functional at the same time, you seek professional advice; because Google, Instagram, Pinterest may help you with ideas but executing them to suit your requirement is best done with expert advice. It’s highly unlikely that an amateur is going to give you the finesse of someone who’s been there done that and everyone knows that a well-designed restaurant will undoubtedly contribute to the success. 

An experienced interior designer will play to your strengths and create a signature place that will highlight your aesthetic personality, appeal to your target audience and also suit your budget.

So, What is an Interior Designer Going to Focus on?

The primary aspects your interior designer is going to spotlight include:

  • Restaurant theme
  • Furniture (seating arrangement)
  • Lighting
  • Colors
  • Smell

Let’s discuss how these elements can influence your customer psychology and satisfaction. 

  1. Restaurant Theme

The theme you choose is going to set the tone for your restaurant’s vibe and is one of the most important aspects of a restaurant’s design. So, a restaurant designer will not only work on your restaurant layout but will also see to finer details of how to assemble all the elements so that your venue looks spacious, inviting, comfortable and functional at the same time. 

  1. Lighting

This seemingly mundane feature of interior designing can actually make or break the popularity of your place. You could have had everything perfect and in place in your restaurant and have your lighting arrangements kill that effect simply because the lighting was not planned properly to match with your restaurant’s decor. There are several lighting options to choose from namely- Ambient, Task and Accent lighting and based on your layout, theme and vibe, a designer would recommend one or a combination of the three.

  1. Furniture Placement

Seating is another important aspect of your restaurant’s interior design and the type of seats you use will considerably impact your customers’ experience. Also, the seating arrangement largely depends on your target audience and the service you choose to render to them. So, if you want your customers to linger and stay for a longer period of time, your designer will opt for comfortable seats, recliners, and sofas that are heavy and cushioned. On the other hand, if you’re looking to serve a large group of customers but want the traffic to move relatively faster, your seating arrangement will be more functional based. Let a professional designer sort that out for you.

  1. Colors

Colors by themselves play a huge role in your restaurant interior design. And, your target clientele is one of the main points that influences what colors you must use in your restaurant schematics. Different colors reflect different emotions and set different moods. Some colors are appetite stimulants, while others repress it. Warm colors like red, yellow, and orange are considered strong stimulants, and a lot of restaurants use variants of these hues in their interior design palette. Fine dining restaurants aim for a mood where customers would want to hang around and so colors like blue or turquoise are a general favorite with them. However, it’s tricky to strike the right color balance and you’ll thank your stars you got a professional to get the work done.

  1. Scent

Believe it or not, research suggests that your olfactory senses also drive your appetite and we agree to that fact- just think what happens when a warm smell of anything delectable wafts pass us, the aroma of freshly baked bread, or brewed coffee overpowers us and instigates us to walk into the store. One research goes as far to claim that right scents can raise your food sale values up to 300%. So, you’ve nothing to lose, make sure you include appetite stimulating scents in your restaurant’s interior design for the much needed sales boost.  You can play with characteristic scents emanating from strategically placed diffusers or allow certain food smells to float in from the kitchen to whet your customers’ appetite. An open kitchen or certain ventilation adjustments could help you get the right kind of aromas to your target audience and your interior designer will be the best person to lend you advice on this aspect.

  1. Build Your Brand

If you get these aspects covered, your restaurant is surely going to be a hit with your target audience and leave a desirable impact on them making them your loyal patrons.

Therefore to sum up, a restaurant interior designer can help you launch your business and you’ll surely reap the benefits of investing in one. Sprinteriors has been in the F&B industry for the past 15 years and has helped kick-start several hospitality venues and boasts of an eclectic group of passionate interior designers that are not only known for their zeal but also their in-depth understanding of the business requirements of the industry. So, if you’re looking for professional advice, get in touch with us and we’ll help you sail with the conviction that you’d stay afloat and flourish in the restaurant industry.